17.03.23, 20:30 Uhr 
Projektraum: Shinichi Ichikawa | Mistaken Connection
Lichthof: Claudia Rubner | Otherworldly

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März: Claudia Rubner | Otherwordly

18.03.-28.04. Claudia Rubner, 'Otherworldly':  This series is based on mythology, fantasy stories, and religious paintings. By studying the execution of older artworks including light, framing, and posture, the goal was to incorporate this inspiration and knowledge into my work. The dimension of shooting underwater adds weightlessness and otherworldliness to the image, as beneath the surface [...]

März: Shinichi Ichikawa | Mistaken Connection

18.03-28.04.23 Projektraum Shinichi Ichikawa, 'Mistaken Connections':  The starting point of this project is to equally consider diverse bodies. I took photos of people of any age, sex, body shape and race and they are juxtaposed and reconnected. The body of one person falls apart and is connected with another. While one person is muscly, Another is [...]