„[parablau]: 2016″ ist continuation oft the 2012 founded galery-project at Blaue Fabrik.

After the exhibitions in 2012 „[parablau]: artists from next-door“, 2013 „[parablau]: artists from next-door and along“ and the 2014 EU-founded exibitions „[parablau]: Dresden / Usti nad Labem“ the current exhibitions sets new accents by participations in other german citys.

In april [parablau] is guest at „Galerie Viogradov“ at Berlin and in may at „Kunstfest Meißen“. In September [parablau] participates at „Neustadt Art Festival“. From October [parablau] is shown in the new rooms of „Blaue Fabrik“ at a nice Villa near by the Train Station „Bahnhof Neustadt“. It will be opened with an exhibition of czech fotograf Jindrich Streich.
More information about times and locations at our Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/parablau/?fref=ts and at www.blauefabrik.de

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