Dezember „another space – works by Aleš Loziak and Ivana Zochová“

another space - works by Aleš Loziak and  Ivana Zochová The space, which peoples creates, belong to somebody and have concrete function. It is our space, our school, our hospital, flat or square … In the time spaces lose his primary function. The space is transformed. Hospital we use as school, another we demolish. The square, the [...]

September / October „Simulation and allurement without KISS, AIDA and PPPP“

"Simulation and allurement without KISS, AIDA und PPPP. - Real art-fantasies overrides reality stimulating advertisements" - Worky by BAL (Bernd A. Lawrenz) 5. - 30. September Dresden "Blaue Fabrik". Vernissage Freitag, 5.09.14, 19:00 Uhr. 8. - 31. Oktober Ùsti. Vernissage Mittwoch, 8.10.14 http://www.try-bal-art.com

August „line of identity“

Michaela Hrabová, Petra Sklenářová a Michaela Spružinová 1. - 31. August in Dresden at "Blaue Fabrik". The exhibition presents three artists from Ústí nad Labem. Theme is direct to exploring oneself, environment, and memory. The Arts research self orietance and identity of the intimate world. Michaela HrabováVideo series think about the life of people who we meet every day without noticing. But this people live the same (un)important lifes [...]

Nov. 07.-28. „Köpfer Körper und Kanonen“

Vernissage Friday, 7.11.14 DRESDEN 19 pm. Vernissage "Körper Köpfe und Kanonen" - paintings byx Iris Hilpert, Giorgio Masnikosa, Barbara Rapp, Loris Cavallo und Wolf-Dieter Köpfer Wednesday, 10.12.14 ÙSTI Vernissage "Körper Köpfe und Kanonen"... „Körper Köpfe und Kanonen“ - Gruppenausstellung mit figurativer Malerei von Iris Hilpert, Wolf-Dieter Köpfer, Markus Bittermann, Giorgio Masnikosa, Barbara Rapp und Loris Cavallo. „Die Entwicklung experimenteller [...]

july „cadere“

"cadere" - photography & photoshop-arts bei Heike Yvonne Pesch alias daSinci 4. - 31. july DRESDEN at "Blaue Fabrik" 6. - 31. august Ùsti at "BUNKA" „cadere“ - The latin word „cadere“ could be translated with  mit sink, rush, fall, strike, dropout, leak, to die, succumb, sacrifice, endi and to befall so. The photographys "describe" these [...]