Michaela Hrabová, Petra Sklenářová a Michaela Spružinová
1. – 31. August in Dresden at „Blaue Fabrik“.

The exhibition presents three artists from Ústí nad Labem. Theme is direct to exploring oneself, environment, and memory. The Arts research self orietance and identity of the intimate world.

Michaela Hrabová
Video series think about the life of people who we meet every day without noticing. But this people live the same (un)important lifes like we do – they spend time like we do and they do same activities.
I focused on banal human conduct, to which we don´t have an atention, even though the series of this activities fill most of our lifes.Videos reflect my attention and (unsuccessful) effort to look in to the lifes of passersby and maybe they help me to forget on my own life on a moment and I can try to live life of the others.
This moment I try through study of the one thing I know and see in moment of our meeting – what they do right now. I study this moment, recording it and then I play it (the same situation) like an actor. During performance I´m keeping the autenticity of the original atmosphere without my own thoughts.
I´m opening theme of the paralel worlds through this – how many people in the world does the same activities in the same time?
This project is start of the long-term research of life of other people (stranger) who are always attracted my attention.

Petra Sklenářová
Petra Sklenářová studiert Digitale Medien an der Fakultät für Kunst und Design der Jan Evangelista Purkyně Universität in Ústí nad Labem. Ihre Installationen und Videos stellen überwiegend surrealistische Situationen, Paradoxe, absurd ironische Spiele dar, in denen sie den Drang mit dem Charakter einfacher Dinge zu experimentieren enthüllt, die so auf einmal „sprechen“ und ihr eigenes Leben leben. Verachtung der Naturgesetze, Zauber und Wunder auf der einen Seite, Eingriff in die Sicherheit und bewährten Erfahrungen auf der anderen Seite.

Michaela Spružinová
Michaela Spružinová (1983) has studied department of Glass and Curatorial studies on Faculty of art and Design in Ústí nad Labem and she’s an assistant in department of Glass Design on University Tomáš Baťa in Zlín. Her works are connecting art and design. She use contemporary language and includes all artistic methods. Her main goals are site-specific installations and body art.