„About [parablau]“

[parablau] is a line of free exhibitions offside of commercial galery commercialization at Dresden.

[parablau] offers a podium for artists from Dresden and moreove for representing their arts. It´s also offers a free space for experiments.

[parablau] embeddings fine artist in a living arts center. So there can be a dialog between them and music, dance and films, e.g. their arts will inspire free improvising musicians.

[parablau] showing art at a special location, at a room where the pictures not only seen by normal galery audience.

[parablau] is non-commercial, e.g. a Freespace for artist and not the selling of pictures is important..

In last years there were following exhibitions:

2014: „Dresden / Usti nad labem“. A german-czech project with exhibitons and exhange between artists from Dresden and Ùsti nad labem. Financed by the European Union. EFRE. The european fonds for regional development: investment into future.

2013: „Arts from next door and farther“. A line of exhibitons für painting and photography with artists from Dresden, Halle, Leipzig, Düsseldorf und Stralsund. Sponsored by the culture office of the City of Dresden.

2012: „Arts from next door“. A line of exhibitions for paintings of well and less known artists from the free scene of Dresden. Sponsored by the culture office of the City of Dresden.

[parablau] is organiced by:

Conny Köckritz, Michael Kral, Holger Knaak, Maria Albrecht, Michal Matousek.